Wildbiene + Partner

Wildbiene + Partner AG
Heinrichstrasse 267a
8005 Zürich
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Halle: 1
Stand: D.34

Save the bees, save the planet

Did you know wild bees pollinate much more efficiently than honeybees? Or that they don't they sting? The biologists Claudio and Tom behind Wildbiene + Partner are taking advantage of these facts by enabling the housing of wild bees in what they’ve named BeeHomes. With a wild bee sponsorship and a BeeHome attached to your city balcony or in your garden, wild bees are given a better chance to survive and multiply. The cocoons that develop in BeeHomes are sent back to Claudio and Tom each autumn where they’re cared for, carefully over-wintered and then used by Swiss farmers in the spring to aid in the pollination of fruit and berry-bearing plants.

Stable bee populations significantly contribute to keeping our ecosystems in balance. Today, wild bees are under duress due to intensive agriculture practices, urban sprawl and mite plague - and we’re at risk of losing over 30 percent of food dependent on bees for pollination. The holistic strategy of Wildbiene + Partner includes an educational strategy, the active and targeted propagation of wild bees, and the creation of wild bee habitats. Their goal is to ensure the future of wild pollinators in Switzerland.

Their effort is supported by dozens of helpers in social workshops, the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) and thousands of wild bee sponsors. The honey bee alone cannot preserve the diversity of native flora; they need our help.