Fashion reboot - new ideas

The fashion industry is more strongly influenced and affected by the rapid pace of digitization than we realize: the big players in fast-moving cheap fashion have reduced the time between creation and mass production to a minimum. What are the long term implacations of fast fashion? It’s high time we evaluate the fashion industry in a larger context and explore alternatives. Fashion Reboot brings new ideas and visions to the forefront, focusing on eco-friendly production, good and well-paid craftsmanship and responsible consumption. We’re convinced these changes are the future of fashion. FABRIC FOR FURTHER AHA RESULTS: The world’s first technical fabric made from banana fibers developed by QWSTION, Designer fashion from disposables by Raphael Kouto, the newly-launched cooking apron from Friday Fabrics, along with a pasta cooking workshop with Anna Pearson, Swiss-made fashion from Old Captain Co ., Mini-Collab by Fin x Linck Ceramics, Selfnation fashion, Upcycling by Cervo Volante and the Velt shoe and bag collection.