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«We believe that most of new ideas are inspired by necessity.»

In touch with your glasses

Keep in touch with your glasses. Frels® are new eyewear holders, the catchy temple tips extenders which allow glasses to be stored around the neck and have them always at hand. High performance and quality sustained by extensive research in flexibility, heat resistance, oil resistance, grip, sensorial property, and safety. The choice of materials ensures safe skin contact and comfort at all times, without compromising any function of the glasses. Elena Delli-Compagni, Frels®’ Project Manager, is at the very heart of everything and explains how they make people’s lives easier. The company’s history, views, and values here…

What is Frels?
Frels Solutions reimagined the eyewear holders by creating Frels®, a patented universal attaching glasses temple tips extenders that allow the glasses to be stored around the neck.

What is the product made of?
Frels® are made of high-quality biocompatible polymers to ensure a safe skin contact. The product is Swiss Label certified and is manufactured in the Canton Jura.

Who had the idea? How did she/he get to glasses?
Ever since Frel Solutions’ founder Francesca Melera started wearing reading glasses, she wanted to find a solution to the annoying problem of continually having to take them off and put them on again. Like many people, she used them for near sighted tasks. Yet finding her glasses every time she needed them, was irritating because they were rarely at hand. Francesca came up with the Frels® idea and discussed it with me because we’re good friends. I’m the Project Manager who’s specialized in IP/Patents.

Francesca Melera & Elena Delli-Compagni at the TG Talk (Episode: 2018.06.08)

What was the first step to develop the idea?
Francesca and I prepared a draft of the project development plan and illustrated it to other friends who were so enthusiastic about it, they decided to finance the project. Then the development process started: industrial design, user and manufacturing tests, patent applications, graphic design. After two and half years of dedicated work, we presented it at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, where it has been awarded with the Gold Medal for the invention and won the Swiss Young Business Managers’ Association Award (GJD Suisse) for project management. 

Who is part of the core team today?
Company Director Francesca Melera and me, Elena Delli-Compagni, Project Manager.

Why does the world need your product and solution?
Frels® is a high-quality useful product making everyday life easier, based on effective design principles that combine beauty and meaning.

The functional necklace

How do you come up with new ideas, is there a ritual or does it happen by itself?
We believe that most of new ideas are inspired by necessity.

What are your next projects?
We are still very much focused on Frels® and on expanding in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). For the future Frel Solutions has the ambition to support social projects and give back a certain percentage of profits to charity. We also want to create limited run charitable items that individually give back through each sale.

Do you ladies have other jobs on the side?
Francesca is a private caterer, providing food services for cultural events or private dining, and I’m fully dedicated to Frels® at the moment.

What 3 things do you recommend to friends if they want to do/eat/experience/buy something in your region?
We recommend hiking, food, and Lugano LAC music and arts.

Grün verträgts immer

Ob stylisches Pflanzgefäss, langlebiges Gartenzubehör oder Bio-Setzling, bei VEG and the City mit Läden in Zürich und Winterthur sowie Online erhältst du alles fürs und ums urbane Gärtnern zum Lernen oder Selbergärtnern. VEG and the City macht die Stadt grün, bestätigt Christa Husmann.

Des Zeitfischers gesunden Uhrenvirus

Martins Metallwerkstatt befindet sich in Zürich-Altstetten und ist Ort, in dem Dreh- und Fräsmaschinen an den Rändern des Raums thronen, eiserne Werkbänke auf Arbeit warten und ein Dutzend Uhren alle paar Minuten ein synchronisiertes, lautes Klack von sich geben, weil Mutteruhr ein Schaltimpuls an sie schickt. Martin erzählt uns, wie man vom Wanduhrenvirus infiziert wird.

Kein biblischer Prophet und irgendwie doch

Tausend Sprüche, die einen zum Reflektieren, Debattieren und Lachen bringen und so, für manch erleuchtende Momente sorgen. Von Haba gibt’s auch vereinzelte Postkarten – für alle, denen ein Buch vielleicht etwas zu umfänglich ist. Aber Erleuchtung kommt zu ihrem Preis. Haba erzählt von seinen Höhen und Tiefen, wie er zu Fidea Design kam und was ihn zum Weitermachen antreibt.