Inspiration for Future of Work

Freitag 20:00 - 21:00
Speakers Corner

New Work: A lot of new working models are emerging at the moment, as well as general discussions that put the meaning of work in question. We will discuss this controversial topic with experts from different backgrounds.

Speakers: by ZurichRetreat

Siiri Musten, Moderator, Zurich Retreat
Siiri is a passionate advocate of the new conscious ’Future of Work’ practices. She is currently leading the Organizational Transformation Lab at Zurich Retreat. She has several years of global consulting experience at a BIG4 firm as well as worked in Talent Management & Leadership Development in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Sonja Sinz, HR Integration Lead Europe & Canada, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Sonja is an innovation-hungry business leader and intrapreneur with truly cross-functional experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. She has been responsible for Product Management, Marketing and led a Business Unit for Primary Care.

Patrick Scheuerer, Co-Founder and CEO, Xpreneurs
Patrick has extensive experience in Agile Project, Processes and Change Management in Software, Insurance and Logistics industry as well as in the public and non-profit sector. He is integrating insights from the entrepreneurial research, design thinking, complexity sciences and agile project management to enable radical innovation and sustainable change.

Navin Pillay, Co-Founder, Holia; Chief Facilitator, Dhyan Vimal Institute for Higher Learning
Navin has spent several years as trainer, change and project manager in Aerospace Engineering internationally. He is focusing on the holistic organisational transformation by bridging science and ancient wisdom while people’s individual growth in the centre. He is delivering personal and organisational transformation courses around the world.

Luea Ritter, Founder, Shifts; Co-Founder, Collaboratio Helvetica
Luea`s work connects innovative Change and Integral Process Management, Arts, Societal Innovation and indigenous healing therapies to facilitate generative and participative cross-functional leadership and collaboration. She has worked several years in the Health Care, Sustainability and Community building internationally.